September 8, 2016

Wireless Upgrade

  1. Wireless Upgrade – Based on the Design Document, we will install, configure and verify operation of all of the replacement wireless devices that you have purchased to upgrade your network; satellite campuses would be an additional charge. Upon completion, we will provide the following documents in electronic and hardcopy:


Approximately 2 – 4 weeks after completion of install:

  1. System Diagram (If necessary due to changes/modifications, AutoCAD document detailing the logical and physical connections of your network – new “As-is”)
  2. Photographs (Comprehensive collection of photos to thoroughly document the state of your wireless devices – new “As-is”)
  3. Config Files (Text files consolidating the collection of configs and additional info for the wireless devices currently on your network – new “As-is”)
  4. Inventory (PDF document detailing critical installed components of your network – new “As-is” (Access points, Access Managers, Controllers, etc)
  5. Inventory (PDF document detailing critical removed components of your network (Access points, Access Managers, Controllers, etc.)