September 8, 2016

System Engineering Services

System Engineering Services – An array of services to assist with Windows enterprise-level design, administration, and management.

  1. Active Directory Design / Implementation – Involves gathering data and identifying resources to support a well-engineered Active Directory design and topology:
    • FSMO Role distribution and positioning
    • Domain hierarchy
    • Requirements Analysis
    • Distribution and positioning of services (authentication, storage, printing, etc)
    • Establishment and documentation of standards
    • Object organization and OU management/establishment
    • Replication schedule and topology
  2. Basic hardening and security
    • Security Group and Distribution List hierarchy
    • Refinement and implementation of policies
    • Account Creation
    • NTFS, Registry, Pipes Security
  3. Application and Services Integration
  4. Basic Network Optimization and Tuning
  5. DNS/WINS architecture and implementation